unlicensed medicines

There are hundreds of medicines which are used across the NHS everyday which are unlicensed. These medicines are used in specific conditions and ailments, vital for the treatment of many thousands of people.

Unlicensed medicines can be hard to obtain. Mediwise Pharmacy has access to an extensive and robust supply chain which spans the globe in order to source these crucial medicines.

What is an unlicensed medicine?

An unlicensed medicine can fall into the following categories:


Licence in other countries only

A medicine which has a licence in other countries, but not in the UK. It has to be imported because it is not available in the UK.

Licence for specific formulation

A medicine which has a licence to be used in the UK but needs to be made up to be taken as an unlicensed formulation. This is usually as a specially prepared liquid - for example for someone who has difficulty swallowing the licensed tablets.

No Licence

A medicine which has no licence at all. These are often medicines used for treating rare illnesses.

How does it work?

Request for information

Please complete the short ‘request for information’ form below. Providing as much information as possible about the medicine(s) you would like us to obtain

Request review

We will review your request and be in touch within one working day regarding next steps

Informing you

If we are able to source the medication for you we will confirm this, and provide you with timelines on when the item will become available and final      next steps


Medication Request For Information

So that we can support you in obtaining the medicine(s), please provide us with as much information as possible. Please ensure you complete all the fields mentioned below. Thank you.

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